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Janina Stürner

Janina Stürner

Research Fellow, Centre for Area Studies, Friedrich-Alexander-University

Janina Stürner is a researcher at the Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. Her work focuses on the analysis of (joint) strategies of cities, European institutions and international organisations to strengthen the role of municipalities and city networks in multi-level migration governance. She also conducts research on inclusive approaches of local actors in urban displacement contexts in Africa.

Prior to joining the Centre for Area Studies, Janina Stürner worked as a refugee officer for the City of Stuttgart, where she conducted qualitative research and initiated a new refugee empowerment concept in cooperation with migrant and refugee organisations. Combining her local experience with her transnational research allows her to analyse migration challenges and opportunities through a glocal lens.

Janina Stürner holds a Franco-German master’s degree in International Relations with a special focus on migration policies and movements and a Franco-German bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences from Sciences Po Aix and the University of Freiburg.