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Estella Carpi

Estella Carpi

Research Associate, Migration Research Unit, Department of Geography, University College London

Estella Carpi received her PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Sydney in Australia, with a research project on the social response to humanitarian assistance in postwar Beirut's southern suburbs and in the Akkar villages (Lebanon) after the 2011-2014 Syrian refugee influxes.

In the past, she worked as a researcher for several international and academic institutions in the Middle Eastern region, such as UN Habitat (Beirut) and the American University of Beirut; Lebanon Support (Beirut); the New York University of Abu Dhabi (NYUAD); Trends Research and Advisory (Abu Dhabi); UNDP (Cairo); the International Development Centre (Cairo).

After studying Arabic in Milan and Damascus (2002-2007), Dr Carpi wrote my MPhil thesis in Linguistic Anthropology, focusing on the Everyday Speech in Contemporary Lebanon (2008).

She is presently looking at Southern-led humanitarian responses to displacement from Syria, with a focus on Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan. Dr Carpi researches these themes within a European Research Council funded project in the Geography Migration Research Unit.